On My Own




Tim Steinruck


Music Video

On My Own

Bear Mountain, a Vancouver-based band, entering the animation world? Why not!

As one of Bear Mountain’s band members, our director and producer Kenji Rodriguez, brought Gamomo to work on a variety of their music videos: from live action to VR experiences. So for this particular video, we jumped into the animation field, armed and all.

We are particularly proud of this project. Through a mix of cell and cut-out animation, and the support of our talented friends at Teonanacatl Audiovisual and Platypus animation studio, plus the collaboration of our good friend and talented art director Carson Ting aka “Chairman Ting”, we brought Own My Own to life.

All our hard work and combined talents paid off because soon after the release, we were officially invited to showcase this video at the Spark Animation Festival 2017 under the Canadian talent category. Bravo team!

The single On My Own was produced by Nelly Furtado and Ian Bevis, Bear Mountain’s lead singer. And it’s definitely one of our favourite Bear Mountain songs.