Story of a Girl


Visual Effects


Kyra Sedgwick





Story of a Girl

Visual Effects

Written by Sara Zarr. A troubled relationship, dysfunctional family and social media bullying navigate the traumatic and tough moments of the teenage years of Deanne’s life. A compromising moment in Deanne’s life particularly changes her family’s perspective and panorama forever.

Our good friend Adrian Cox from Rugged Media, with whom we’ve been collaborating a bunch over the years, invited us to be part of “Story of a Girl” as the VFX team behind the movie. It was such an honour for us to collaborate directly with Kyra Sedgwick on her first directed debut movie for Lifetime Entertainment.

We had the opportunity to come on board from the early developing stages where Kyra was drafting ideas that could enhance the movie. This included everything from specific scenes to title sequence proposals.

Since we were able to share ideas in a quickly manner, Kyra was able to understand and implement the potential behind VFX treatments to build the story. This allowed her to funnel her ideas through visual interpretations both during production and post-production stages.

Collaborating with Kyra and the editor Sabine Hoffman from the beginning was super helpful. It allowed us to be part of the experience as a whole, successfully delivering with very few hiccups along the way.