Christmas at the Golden Dragon


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Turning summer into winter, set extensions



  • Unreal
  • Nuke
  • Mocka Pro
  • AXYZ

Christmas at the Golden Dragon

Turning one of the hottest summers in record – into winter wonderland. We had no idea how challenging the task would be. From turning green foliage to heavily snowed trees, adding melting snow on house rooftops, cars and driveways, to turning summer daisies into potted poinsettias. We knew this was not going to be easy. But we do love a battle, and we’re always ready for a challenge.

Christmas at the Golden Dragon pushed our capabilities to the limit: 136 shots in 3 weeks. We made sure all the compositing artists had everything they needed to solve small to big challenges with little supervision. And to do so, we created a set of tools and libraries to divide and conquer:

  1. We created a library of snowed trees and foliage
  2. We created an Unreal Engine tool for snowed rooftops and cars
  3. We developed matte painting brushes to dust green foliage
  4. We developed color correction parameters that could easily convert green foliage to dry foliage.

On top of all this, our super talented VFX Supervisor, Juan Orea, went on paternity leave to welcome his first baby boy, little Ferran. Welcome to planet Earth, Ferran. The planet where we turn summer into winter with magic (and lots and lots of hard work).