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Vancouver Mural Festival


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Vancouver Mural Festival (AR)

This is one of those projects that were too good to pass. An augmented reality mural in collaboration with Carson Ting (a.k.a. Chairman Ting), Generate and the Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF). The perfect excuse to wrap our heads around AR technologies in the immersive arena.

The idea was amazing, the execution was challenging. But with the help of Creative BC we had the resources to expand and innovate on technologies that worked for the project.

We hope we can work again with this incredible bundle of talents: VMF, Generate and Chairman Ting. We love supporting artists and muralists, expand our culture and practice with immersive experiences to leave a mark in our community.

  1. We created a library of snowed trees and foliage
  2. We created an Unreal Engine tool for snowed rooftops and cars
  3. We developed matte painting brushes to dust green foliage
  4. We developed color correction parameters that could easily convert green foliage to dry foliage.

On top of all this, our super talented VFX Supervisor, Juan Orea, went on paternity leave to welcome his first baby boy, little Ferran. Welcome to planet Earth, Ferran. The planet where we turn summer into winter with magic (and lots and lots of hard work).