Movil Evolution


Mixed Reality


MetaFade is an open-source software we developed in-house to design, visualize and control light installations through mixed realities. It’s the result of years of experience in the entertainment industry, gathering solutions to problems that arise while conceiving ideas for music and theatrical performances, architectural illumination and art-light installations.

MetaFade has several one-of-a-kind modules to solve what we consider the most challenging aspects of production:

Rapid prototyping is key to arriving to a good, well rounded idea, efficiently. MetaFade allows this process to be intuitive by easily blocking and drafting lights in a tridimensional space.  

Design and Visualization are normally two separate processes, our approach is to work them simultaneously. Using mixed realities to develop an idea while visualizing it at the same time. MetaFade has the feature of including 3D models so the user can visualize the installation remotely or in-location virtually through augmented reality features.

Collaboration is natural to any creative endeavour; therefore, we decided to broaden the communication between users and clients to expand the visualization module and port it to a mixed reality headset. Our goal is to enable a communication bridge between clients and users by an AR tool that can help close future business opportunities, focusing on an augmented lighting-design visualizer, not limited to 2D drafts.

Open source projects can grow particularly fast due to community based contributions and exchange. We encourage community dialogue and support, leading the conversation by providing updated documentation and tutorials to get the community started using the software.  

Robust control is the final and most important phase. Outputting lighting creations require absolute perfection and no delay or dropped frames. MetaFade carries all the experience gathered from previous projects and is able to control thousands of lights and robotics in real time without delays.