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Will’s Jams – Live Visuals

Will Stroet of Will’s Jams is a JUNO-nominated musician, nationally recognized educator and former CBC Kids TV star. His high-energy rock-pop music in English and French is full of witty wordplay and sing-along choruses, inspiring kids to be active, creative, caring and community-minded. His music videos are featured on CBC Kids and Kidoodle.tv.

We were approached by Kim Thé, founder of  Pebble Star Productions, to help develop Will’s Jams multimedia live show for their China tour of 2017. We helped prepare a show that could translate some of Will’s Jams most famous and engaging songs to Chinese.

The timeframe was tight, so we strategically repurposed some of Will’s Jams previous music videos to cut down on production time. A combination of illustration, animation and editing techniques were used during the visual development phase.

On stage, we setup a Sony Action camera facing the public, live-streaming and projecting the entire show on stage. The kids would see themselves on the screens and go nuts! This interaction between the musicians and children left us inspired and motivated to continue working on kid-focused projects.

Thanks Will and Kim, we love working with you (and the children) #ourkidswithin.

Produced by

Gamomo Creative Lab

Produced by

Kenji Rodriguez-Tanamachi


Ana de Loera

Production Coordinator

Laura Blanco


Angely Righetti


Ariel Martínez